Tea, Biscuits, and Sherlock Holmes

Lately, I have been watching The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes.  This is the UK version filmed in the 1980s.  I also watched Sherlock. It is the more modern UK version of Sherlock Holmes, starring Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Imagine Sherlock Holmes in the modern age, with computers and cell phones, and there you have Sherlock, the UK television series from 2010 to 2017.  Very intriguing! I enjoyed watching both versions of Sherlock Holmes very much.

  Tea has not changed much over the years. The English milk tea consists of black tea, milk, and optionally sugar.  Being the curious American that I am, I went out and bought some black tea. I boiled some water, made some black tea, put a little bit of milk and sugar in it, and it’s surprisingly really good!  I cannot forget the digestive biscuits. Traditionally, you dip the biscuit into tea and eat it that way. Yes, I tried it and it’s very good!