Learning A New Language

I’ve been thinking about learning a new language. I was checking out the website called Duolingo. I can learn a new language for free. I was thinking about learning Spanish,  it is so prevalent in America. Although, Mandarin is the most popular language in the world. And I think that it would be very interesting for me to learn Mandarin.

Something I already learned about languages. Every language has formal and informal words. And of course, I must distinguish the difference between formal and informal words when learning a new language.

For Example:

Hello is formal
Hi or Hey is informal

Intercourse is formal
**** is informal

Covid-19 is formal
Corona Virus is informal

I can only hope that when I’m learning a new language, using Duolingo, or Rosetta Stone, that they let me know which words are formal and informal.

Where The Hell Is Matt?

Matt Harding has sure come a long way since his days of dancing alone in front of famous landmarks around the world. He has gained a huge following, and for good reason. People enjoy being a part of a community. Matt Harding understood this years ago. It was back in 2012, that I believe Matt Harding reached the pinnacle of his traveling career.  And the video he made in 2012, proved something very important.

The world is not filled with dangerous people as the national news media would have you believe.  Despite the warnings from friends and family, Matt visited the countries deemed unsafe for travel. And yes, he still found people to dance with him. Watch the video, and you will see that the world is a much better place than we have all imagined.