Night Shift

In one hour, I start the night shift. Normally I work during the day, but my boss recently asked me if I will move to the night shift.  I’ve worked the night shift before, but it’s been a long time. As I remember, there are lots of bright lights shining in my eyes, and truck drivers are yakking away on the radio because they are trying to stay awake.  The job is Local too. Only 8 miles away from the asphalt plant. That means less drive time, and more time waiting to get loaded or unloaded. I’m okay with that.

 The only thing I’m not okay with is that working the night shift screws with my sleeping schedule. I’m awake at night, and I sleep during the day. But, If I can wake up early enough in the daytime, I can get some things done while businesses are still open. And that’s a good thing.  Restaurants are starting to open up the dining room. I’m looking forward to dining in at IHOP after work and having some coffee and pancakes.  Hmmm, now that I think about it, I cannot have coffee in the morning, when I get off work.  The caffeine will keep me awake. Oh! Yes! I can have decaffeinated coffee instead. Yay!

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