Before you visit my blog, there are a few things you should know. This blog is not about news and current events. It is a personal blog. I enjoy sharing my own thoughts. Whether it’s something that happened to me on any given day, or just something I’m thinking about.  Some posts are going to be about humor, memories, the good times, and the bad. And other posts are my thoughts, plans, and ideas.

The Human Connection

People have always connected better on a personal level. Think about how well you know your coworkers, compared to how well you know your friends.  If it’s not already obvious, you are connected more with your friends, because you are on a personal level with your friends. You know about their lives. They share their thoughts, problems, situations, events, and plans with you.  And so, you have a much deeper connection with them, then you do with anyone else.  Well, with the exception of your immediate family, of course.


I love chatting, sharing, and being part of a community of people that enjoys doing the same. Being a part of that type of community allows me to get to know people on a personal level. Hence the human connection.  If you would like to be a part of this human connection, then I welcome that.  I’m always looking for good friends to talk with.

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